So how did I get into modding this Lego err Lepin set? Are you sure you really want to know? Once you know what the possibilities are, you can't unsee them. Ok, check out this thread at the Eurobricks forum.

Stop by Eurobricks' user Lock's highly inspirational website, and ScottishDave's heavily modded build. Marshal Banana has an amazing Millennium Falcon. RichboyJhae has a full-blown interior (with instructions) in his custom Millennium Falcon. Then there's Brick-Custom's (with instructions), metal-reinforced Millennium Falcon.

Light and Sound Kits

There are three companies out there that I know of that have lighting kits for Lego. Then there are a slew of Chinese companies that copy their products and sell them on AliExpress, Amazon, eBay etc. You may find a better deal there so don't overlook them.

Brick Loot

Many lighting kits and parts are available at their online store but they don't have anything specifically for the UCS Millennium Falcon, but they do have one for the 75105 kit and similar models.

Brick Loot lighting kits for Lego.


They have the best looking kit for the UCS Millennium Falcon, and it's also the most expensive. I have to share two links because they have a site just for the Millennium Falcon kit, and it's not very intuitive how you get to their main store which has everything else in it. They have a couple different levels for this kit depending on what features you want and/or how much you want to spend. They do a very good job of hiding wires as they drill the Lego pieces to run the lights through and include those modified pieces in their kit so you don't have to modify your stock pieces. They also sell numerous kits for other Lego sets and have a huge a la carte selection of components so you can make your own kit from scratch.

Brickstuff lighting kits for Lego.

Here's their promotional video for this kit.

Light My Bricks

This store not only has a kit for the UCS Millennium Falcon but has many add on components (including a remote turn on and sound kit). They also sell lighting packages for tons of Lego kits. They also sell numerous kits for other Lego sets and have a huge a la carte selection of components so you can make your own kit from scratch. They offer 10-15% off coupons. They are based in Australia but ship using DHL. I ordered my light kit from them on a Sunday and had it by Thursday, and the shipping fee was $22.

I feel their kit is lacking in design and doesn't include enough components. I'm really disappointed after spending a little over $200 for their kit.

Light My Bricks lighting kits for Lego.

Here's a YouTube channel that did a Light My Bricks install.

Pre-Printed Bricks

For a kit with this high of a piece count and price tag, you'd think we wouldn't have to put up with stickers. This is an Ultimate Collector's Series set Lego! Ugh. Fortunately there is at least one company out there who can help you leave those cursed stickers on the sheet they came on.


They produce all kinds of pre-printed parts for Lego kits. But the one we're interested in is the one for the Millennium Falcon. I ordered this and it took about two weeks to get from Germany to Arizona. Fortunately they arrived safely as they were shipped in a zip-loc bag inside of a bubble-infused paper envelope that was just big enough to hold the parts.

If you don't speak German you will be able to get through the online ordering process without an issue. However if you email them asking about when it shipped or if there is tracking informatio, they will not respond to you. At least that was my experience.

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