Fire TV

How to Install a New Pre-Rooted Firmware.

Posted October 12, 2017

This is going to be a bare-bones tutorial. If you need all the fancy pictures I usually use in a tutorial, I would read through my rooting tutorials first. In my case I was updating a Fire TV running 5.0.5 firmware which had been previously rooted and I had already wiped various things to have a clean install after the rooting. I had also previously disabled firmware updates.

1. Place the new ROM on a USB flash drive (or location of your choice).

2. Plug the flash drive into a USB hub along with your keyboard/trackpad.

3. Turn on the keyboard/trackpad.

4. Restart the FireTV.

5. Select Launch Recovery at the TWRP boot screen.

6. Click Install.

7. Click Select Storage.

8. Select your storage type: Internal Storage, Micro SDCard, USB and click OK.

9. Select your ROM file on your storage device.

10. Click Swipe to confirm Flash.

11. Click Reboot System.

12. Remove your USB flash drive.

13. Optimizing system storage and applications… will appear for a couple minutes on the Fire TV.

14. I had previously disabled firmware updates and they were still disabled after this flash. If you still want to check then pick up with Step 13 at this page.